What is Funraise?

Things look different?  Several of Funraise's features have been updated since the release of this video.
Things look different?  Several of Funraise's features have been updated since the release of this video.

Welcome to Funraise—and specifically, welcome to the first lesson in your journey through Funraise University! We’re here for a good time, so buckle in! To get started, let’s take a ten-thousand-foot view of Funraise. In this video, we’ll answer "What is Funraise?" and "Who uses Funraise?"

Funraise is…

  • A collection of online fundraising tools, and...
  • A platform to manage all your fundraising data

Here’s a few ways you can use our online fundraising tools to engage your supporters and increase online revenue...

  • Place branded giving forms on your website 
  • Launch recurring donor programs
  • Sell tickets
  • Create campaign websites with progress bars and donor feeds
  • and, build your dream peer-to-peer campaign sites

Once you start fundraising... you’re going to have a loooot of data—and data management is where Funraise’s platform excels. It’s our other half, our third eye, the peanut to your butter, whatever…

Funraise provides a complete donor management solution with intuitive access to the data that keeps your organization running.

Here’s a few ways you can manage your data with Funraise…  

  • Access your donors and their donations
  • Get notifications and automate tasks from donation activity
  • Segment your supporters
  • Check in your event attendees
  • Edit the details of your recurring subscriptions, and... 
  • Create custom reports and dashboards

Funraise’s platform is also integrated with tools you already rely on.

From Salesforce to Mailchimp to Facebook—and much more. Want to interact with Funraise your own way? We’ve got you covered with an API.

So, now that you know what Funraise can do, let’s talk about uses Funraise.

Nonprofit teams! Funraise intersects pretty much every department in your organization…

  • Creative & Marketing teams use Funraise to create campaign sites and giving forms as well as monitor campaign performance.
  • Development teams use Funraise to manage donor portfolios and segments, track interactions with donors, and automate donation tasks.
  • Executives use Funraise to make sense of all this fundraising activity with custom reports and data dashboards that keep teams on track.

Alright! Now that you’ve gotten the Everest-high-level view of Funraise let’s start digging into the good stuff.

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Some of the features in this lesson may not be included in every awesome Funraise plan.

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