Fundraising Intelligence Overview

Fundraising Intelligence enables you to create charts, graphs and complex reports to make your fundraising data actionable.

You'll be able to build and deliver customized data presentations that inform and monitor your team strategies. We've included template reports with modern performance indicators. In many cases, templates provide everything you need out of the box, but you can also duplicate a template or start from a blank dashboard.

It's easy to add and edit filters to focus on a date period or a specific campaign. We've also enabled drilldown filtering, which increases the usability of your dashboards. For example, we can click on a state in the dashboard will refresh filtered by transaction's from supporters in that state.

When you're ready to share your dashboard, you can export it with a configurable PDF report.

You can also schedule this PDF report to send weekly to your team or board members. This is only a quick glance at Fundraising Intelligence and a small sample of what's possible. This module has a lot to offer and was created to empower your team with data that can accelerate your fundraising efforts.

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Some of the features in this lesson may not be included in every awesome Funraise plan.

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