Sharing and Exporting Dashboards

In this video, you'll learn how to share and export Fundraising Intelligence dashboards.

Sharing Dashboards

To share a live dashboard with your team, click the share icon in the top bar and search and select a team member. This makes the dashboard visible to your teammates within Funraise. You can configure the access level for each team member by granting viewing, editing or ownership privileges.

Exporting widgets and dashboards

To export just a single widget or table from your dashboard, click on the widget action menu, select download, and then select the file type.

Create a PDF Report

The dashboard as a whole can also be exported and formatted as a PDF report. To create a PDF of the entire dashboard, click the PDF icon in the top bar. PDF reports can be immediately downloaded or scheduled as a weekly email.

Schedule Email Reports

To schedule a weekly automated email for this dashboard, click share in the dashboard top bar and click the email icon. You can choose to send a link to this dashboard and an attached PDF. Select the day and time you want to send the report and click save.

With these sharing tools, you can reduce the time it takes to deliver the data your team needs.

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