Things look different?  Several of Funraise's features have been updated since the release of this video.
Things look different?  Several of Funraise's features have been updated since the release of this video.

Hello! In this lesson, we’ll learn how to edit your Campaign Site Giving Form and connect your buttons on your site to launch this Giving Form.

Giving Forms are completely customizable, button-triggered popup donation forms that can be launched almost anywhere on your campaign site.

Giving Form Setup

Each site has a default Giving Form. Donation buttons on your campaign site will automatically set to open the default form, although you can connect buttons on your Campaign Site with any Giving Form. 

In the top bar of the site editor, we can easily access our site’s Giving Form.

Giving Form core features

We go deep into a Giving Form editor, field by field, in another lesson, so today, we’ll just run through the core concepts of the Giving Form.

Giving Form settings

In the settings tab, you might 

  • Add custom tags to donations or supporters through this form
  • Add Tickets to your form
  • Add custom questions
  • Customize the donation and payment options
  • Customize the donation receipt details

Giving Form design options

In the design tab, you can configure the logo and color for your donation form. It’s important to know that these settings are unique to the form and are not connected with your site theme settings, so it’s always a good idea to make sure your Giving Form settings match your site’s color theme.

And because this is a Funraise Giving Form, you also have access to publish this form on your own website.

Giving Form buttons

Let’s look at the donation button in the top header. When we hover and click to edit, we can see that this button is using the primary button style for this block’s theme and the button type is Giving Form. This means the button will launch one of your forms.

You can also use this button to link to a specific URL, and if peer-to-peer is activated on your site, you’ll also have the option to link this button to the fundraiser signup page.

You can further customize the specific Giving Form you want to open when the button is clicked. By default, Giving Form buttons are connected with your Site’s default Giving Form.

But, of course, we can connect this button with any Giving Form by removing the existing connection and searching and selecting a different form. We can do this with any button on our Campaign Site.

Multiple Giving Forms

So why would you need to connect a different Giving Form? Good question; in most cases, we recommend using your site’s default form… which, again, is automatically set for all your donation buttons.

What if your Campaign Site is for an event and you need to sell tickets AND collect donations? This is where connecting multiple forms is a game-changer.

So if this were an event, we could keep this button, which opens our default Giving Form, as the general donation form. And for our ticket form, we’d add another button to this header section and then turn on the secondary button for this section by accessing the content block settings. 

Change that to connect another form that we’ve configured to host our event tickets. This form was created in our Giving Forms section of the platform, but we can access it here. Now, we can have this button use our secondary button style and give it an appropriate label, and this form will open our Ticket form.

This is how all buttons on your Campaign Site will function.

Before we go, one last tip. Giving Form buttons can also set the form to open at a specific amount that you can customize.

Alrighty! Now you know all about your campaign site Giving Form and buttons. See you soon.

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