Things look different?  Several of Funraise's features have been updated since the release of this video.
Things look different?  Several of Funraise's features have been updated since the release of this video.

Hello! In this lesson, we’ll learn how to edit our campaign site’s top navigation bar.

Inside our site editor, at the top of any page, we’ll see our site’s top navigation. Your site’s navigation is a very valuable piece of real estate—it’s where your visitors will first see your logo and campaign name, which immediately inspires trust. This is also where your visitors can access your site's other pages or see important actions to take on your site.

Your top navigation will function just like other sections on your page, so you’ll be able to configure the items that are visible in the navigation and the color theme this section should use.

Navigation Theme

Let’s start with the navigation theme. You can configure your navigation’s colors by toggling through theme options. As a reminder, these three themes are configured from your site’s universal theme editor, which is accessible from the palette icon in the editor top bar.

Navigation Elements

Next, let’s configure the items that we actually want to appear in our top navigation. To start, click the navigation’s edit icon. Here we can control which items are visible in the navigation.

  • In almost all cases, we’ll want to show a logo and our site name.
  • You can choose to show or hide custom links.
  • You can also configure which social share options you’d like to display. 
  • And finally, your navigation can have up to two buttons.

Now that we have our layout set, let’s go item by item to learn more.

To edit any item in the navigation, we can hover over the item and click the edit icon.


For our site logo, we can replace the default image and provide alt text for this image in the description field. Alt text increases the accessibility of your website for users with screen readers.

Next, click on the site title to edit the text.

Custom Links

Moving over to the left side, we can add custom links to our navigation.

Custom links can be links to custom pages you’ve added to your site or external links to other websites. In most cases, we don't recommend adding additional links unless it’s necessary for your campaign.

When adding a custom link you can enter the link label, which is the text that will appear, and you can add a URL. If your site includes custom pages, you can toggle the visibility of those pages here. You can also change the order the links will appear in the dropdown.

Social Sharing Links

The next editable items are your social sharing links. These icons enable your site viewers to quickly share your campaign on their own social networks. For each social icon, you can add an image, title, and description that will be used when your site is shared on socials.

Navigation Buttons

And finally, we can edit our top navigation buttons. We cover site buttons in another lesson, but for now, it’s good to know that you can change the theme for each button as well as the action that the button is linking to; for example launching a donation form, launching the fundraiser sign up page, or linking to an external URL.

Alrighty! That’s it for the top navigation; see you soon.

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